Yorkshire Robot Company

The Yorkshire Robot Company designs and builds robots mostly for the domestic sector. The robots we build are normally autonomous in nature and incorporate the very latest Synthetic Intelligence software.

Our robots can be adapted to numerous tasks and whilst we have basic robot models we can also build bespoke robots for a clients specific needs.

Our basic model, Robot Model Two is a three wheeled autonomous robot. It is designed to be a multi purpose robot with the ability to be adapted to many different tasks.

We sell whole robots or we can supply parts.

The robots come with the software included and with some functionality, we also offer a software management service and upgrade service. We can also offer an ongoing maintenance and service plan.

If you are interested in our robots and would like to know more or if you would like to buy one of our robots then please contact us.

email: enquiries@raisystems.com
email: enquiries@yrc.biz
phone: 01226 764279

The main components of the robot are:

Tubular frame
2 wheelchair motors
leisure battery
laptop computer running windows and the Spud Ai program
K8055 USB interface card
Sabertooth motor controller
IP camera

Extra peripherals like arms sensors etc.. can be added to the robot.

Control of the robot is done through the laptop running the Spud Ai software. The Ai is a powerful tool that links all the functions together and processing them through its neural networks.

Videos of robots performing tasks

Robot Liz picking up keys from the floor

Robot Liz auto-navigating

Robot Hamish auto-navigating

Robot Hamish moving a beer can