RAI systems ltd based in south yorkshire: specialists in the design and installation of renewable energy systems

RAI Systems LTD was established in the South Yorkshire, England in 2006 by two directors Piet Defoe and Tom Maddocks, who have combined experience in the field of renewable energy systems for over 20 years.

We install renewable energy systems for on-site electricity generation, as well as other small scale energy systems such as wind turbines and solar thermal systems. We are also able to design and install customised hybrid systems to your specific requirements.

Before installing any on site generating system, it is important that a full survey is undertaken in order to establish the type and size of system that is most suitable for your requirements and location. We cover a geographical zone of about 30 miles around Holmfirth, this includes Huddersfield, Dewsbury, Barnsley, Rotherham, Sheffield, Bradford, Leeds, Doncaster and adjoining areas. If the installation site is within about 20 miles of our base (near Holmfirth), we can offer a free initial site survey, energy audit and consultation we then can design a system to meet your needs.

The Photovoltaic (solar electric) grid-connected systems we install are compatible with the cash-back scheme and feed-in tariffs

A solar photovoltaic system consists of:

The system is connected to your fuse box and to a meter. The dedicated meter records the amount of electricity generated. Any surplus electricity produced by the panels that is not used on site is exported to the grid and possibly recorded by an export meter. Your existing energy supply is unaffected, so if your generator is not producing a sufficient amount to cover all your household needs (in the winter months, or at night time for example), you simply buy back units from your supplier. The installation will cause minimum disruption in your house.

Presently, for each Kwh (Kilo Watt per hour) generated (either consumed in the house or exported to the grid) you are entitled to receive £0.16 from the Clean Energy Cash Back Feed-in Tariff. This scheme is guaranteed for 20 years.

The energy from the solar array is used in the house first. This is known as the offset saving. This means that when your solar panels are generating enough power for the switched appliances, you are not buying energy from the grid thus saving £0.12 for every Kwh of solar energy used by the house.

You are also entitled to receive a further 4.5p from your energy supplier for each unit you export back to the grid.

For grid connection depending on the feed-in tariffs and cash back scheme, you can obtain a free online PV feed-in quote from RAI Systems. Our installations are well priced, cost-effective and guaranteed.

We currently offer three, off-the-shelf systems designed for domestic installation:

Larger systems can easily be designed for greater power requirements, the main limiting factor being the available mounting space for the arrays.

For a more detailed explanation of this scheme, you can visit the energy saving trust.

Photo voltaic (solar electric) Stand Alone Generator

A stand alone system Generates electricity from the suns energy in the same way as the grid connect systems, but instead of exporting energy to the grid, the energy is stored in battery banks. This type of system is completely isolated from the mains supply and is totally responsible for the energy you produce and consume. Stand alone systems are ideal for remote locations with no mains supply, or for portable applications. They can vary in size from small scale installations suitable for caravans and boats to full scale domestic systems. There is an increased costs in these types of systems due to the addition of the battery storage facility. We are working on Hydrogen systems for storage instead of batteries which should reduse storage costs in the future.

Even though the system is disconnected from the mains supply, you can still claim credits for all units of electricity generated from certain renewable energy supply companies.

Other small scale renewable energy systems

In addition to the this, we can also design small scale wind generator systems that incorporate domestic size wind turbines, although from our experience for a wind system to work efficiently the turbines must be situated in a specific suitable location. Again a survey would be undertaken in order to define whether a wind turbine is suitable for your location.

We can also consider the installation of solar thermal systems.

The economic aspect of a project in renewable energy

Apart from environmental reasons as summarized in why renewables, investing in renewable energy can add much value to your property for the future. Giving an approximate estimate for an installation is difficult without a prior consultation of the site and assesment of your needs. Therefore please contact us for consultancy and precise information.

For a given project you may also apply for funding and grants. The government offers various subsidies for the installation of renewable energy technologies. For the most up to date information on grants and funding try one of the following links: lowcarbonbuildings.org.uk householders or lowcarbonbuildings.org.uk micro. The DTI’s low carbon buildings grant will fund a number of technologies. There may also be funding available from local authorities or other organisations depending on your circumstances.

Now, if you are a DIY expert, you can also buy products and items to install by yourself: Please see our catalogue of renewable energy products, we have many interesting and reasonably priced items for sale.

Who are we?

Piet installing solar pv panels

Piet Defoe

Tom Maddocks on solar pv renewable energy

Tom Maddocks

Both directors of RAI Systems LTD have much experience in the field of renewable energy systems, and the electrically for both our family homes is supplied solely from stand alone (off grid) solar photovoltaic and wind systems. We are located in South Yorkshire (10 minutes from near holmfirth, 8mi from huddersfield, 20mi from Sheffield, 30mi from Leeds). We both feel passionately about the preservation of the environment and are committed to sustainable forms of energy supply and production.

While RAI Systems is an independent in itself, we are based in an established community with a strong ecological ethic. Members deal with other aspects of modern living so as to form a more complete picture of an integrated environmental approach For example, Red Apple Workers Co-op deliver organic fruit and veg to local households (see Red Apple Cooperative). We also have an experienced builder, Michael Cheesborough, who offers services in building work and property maintenance (MC Maintenance, mobile: 07831 481 002).

We look forward to answering any queries you may have, and to working with you in the future!

Last update: 2014